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Category: Butterflies

Striking Pattern

The Red Shouldered Hawk is a bird with one of the most striking patterns of any bird. Looking at the Red Shouldered Hawk as he soars overhead you can see the graphic detail in his...

One Nervous Bird

It is unusual to see a Green Heron looking up into the sky; usually, this bird is perched on a branch looking into the water for its next meal. On this day he was observed nervously looking up at every large bird that flew over. My guess is that, earlier, a large bird tried inviting him to a meal as the main...

Eastern Pondhawk

The Eastern Pondhawk can be seen throughout the summer along the length of "the drive".  They eat small and large insects including other...


The Sora is a very secretive brown and gray marsh bird and to get a photo is a true achievement. The Sora forages quietly at the base of reeds in the wetlands. If startled it will bolt into the reeds until it feels the coast is...