Bollig Design
Hello, we are Melanie & Gene Bollig

We have been designers for the past 20 years and have recent taken up wildlife photography. We recently moved to Florida from Colorado and had no idea how rich and diverse a collection of birds and wildlife live in this state. We hope you enjoy our photos! Join us on our trek as we discover and learn to appreciate our amazing Florida wild spaces.

In the past, we became experts at digitally preparing photos for multiple types of media and publications. We gained a familiarity with how the photos needed to look for the best impact. Now, as we embark on our photo taking adventures, we bring that experience in prepping photos full circle — before, we learned what we liked for composition; now, our design eye catches almost instinctively the best composition for the photo moments we are so privileged to witness. 

Photographiy is a beautiful challenge.  We embrace the constant learning curve to better capture light and speed of wing, while striving to bring to you the glorious expression of nature in emotion and energy!

My Skills

Sports / Wildlife Photography

Our first love is photographing wildlife in both Florida. and Colorado. We have also gained some experience photographing semi-pro baseball.

Portraits / Product Photography

For the past 2 years we have taken photographs of employees of the month at our place of employment. There has also been opportunity to photo photograph products and product lines for publications.

Latest News

Northern Shoveler

A coat of many colors, the Northern Shoveler stands out with its patchwork attire. They can be seen in large groups of Ringed Necks and American Coots.

That's A Mouth Full

The Cormorant is one of two birds that hunts for fish by swimming under the water. They have long necks and hooked yellow bills. They are often seen perched on branches overlooking the water.

Junk Yard Dog

Protruding bones called "scute" on this alligator's back make it look like he is wearing a dog collar, one typically seen on a guard dog.

Northern Harrier Hawk

The Northern Harrier Hawk is a regular visitor to Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail. They can be seen circling over the marsh above the reeds, occasionally diving below the reed line. These hawks are st...


The Sora is a very secretive brown and gray marsh bird and to get a photo is a true achievement. The Sora forages quietly at the base of reeds in the wetlands. If startled it will bolt into the r...

Eastern Pondhawk

The Eastern Pondhawk can be seen throughout the summer along the length of "the drive".  They eat small and large insects including other dragonflies.

Pretty in Purple

Without a doubt the Purple Gallinule is one of the most beautiful resident on "the drive". If a Purple Gallinule is foraging next to the road, it will attract a crowd. Being one of the most beaut...

One Nervous Bird

It is unusual to see a Green Heron looking up into the sky; usually, this bird is perched on a branch looking into the water for its next meal. On this day he was observed nervously looking up at...

Striking Pattern

The Red Shouldered Hawk is a bird with one of the most striking patterns of any bird. Looking at the Red Shouldered Hawk as he soars overhead you can see the graphic detail in his feathers.

Flying Gems of Color

Living in Colorado all my life it was on my radar to someday see a Painted Bunting. The only images I had seen of this gorgeous song bird were in publications. Since moving to Florida we have see...

Common Yellowthroat

The Common Yellowthroat is another neotropical warbler that make the long journey over the Gulf of Mexico to visit Florida. This common visitor is beautiful and is a welcome sight in the Spring a...

Loggerhead Shrike

The Loggerhead Shrike is a truly unique songbird with raptor-like characteristics. This songbird catches prey of all types including lizards, insects and small rodents. The Loggerhead Shrike catc...

Wetlands Invader

The Gray-headed Swamphen also know as the Purple Swamphen is an invasive species that has been seen in the Lake Apopka area. Like the Burmese Python they have been introduced into the Florida eco...

Dressed to the Nines

This dramatic photo of Great Egret was taken near dusk. The sunset puts a slight orange glow on his stark white feathers. He really looked like he was dressed up for a night on the town.

Muscovy Duck

Another non-resident visitor waterfowl that is seen occasionally on the trail. The Muscoy Duck is one of the largest duck in North America. They are often seen around communities that have people...

American Bullfrog

The American Bullfrog is common at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive but are rarely seen. They remain hidden in the reeds to avoid the large wading birds, a Great Blue Heron will make short order of a l...

Exploring the Neighborhood

This young Redwinged Blackbird like most teenagers was testing his boundaries. Perched on a branch above the nest, he ignored the frantic calls of his mother on the nest (lower right hand corner)...

Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren is a common resident at Lake Apopka and can occasionally be seen in the small patches of trees along the drive. Be aware they are very active birds and are best seen by being st...

Dinner With a View

Many Osprey can "the drive" home, and at the exit of the trail a Osprey nest can be seen. If you pay close attention you will see the nesting couple feeding their newborn in the summer.

Unwelcome Dinner Guest

This Osprey has an unwelcome dinner guest. This Boat-tailled Grackle is waiting for an opportunity, if the Osprey is careless the Grackle get a free meal. The Osprey is one of the most efficient ...

Common, Yet Elegant

The Great Blue Heron is one of the more common residents of Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive and most people have a tendency to pass by these beautiful birds without a second thought. But if you take t...

Clear for Take Off

Without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful red-shouldered hawks I have ever photographed. Even though it was a cloudy day this bird offered up one of the most amazing image I could have ho...

Battle Scarred Warrior

This old alligator has been through the ringer. You can see a tooth from his upper law sticking through the skin of the lower jaw. He also appears to have lost the use of his left eye.

Otters at Play

Lake Apopka is not only home to many birds and alligators, it is also the home to many mammals like this otter. This otter was seen near the entrance playing with his family.

Ravenous Appetite

Great Blue Herons are ravenous eaters and will eat almost anything that moves. Not even this baby alligator was safe when a Great Blue Heron is on the hunt.